iOS Cloud Save Notice
Frequently Encountered Issues and their Solution

If you have encountered any of the below problems:

  1. The cloud save button does not respond
  2. You have uploaded your progress to the cloud before. But next time you try to retrieve it, there is an error message that reads "Cloud save not found"
  3. Game crashes right after the cloud save button is clicked
  4. After you click the Upload or Retrieve button, loading takes forever (the cat icon keeps running)
  5. You receive error messages "Failed to upload your progress" or "Failed to retrieve your progress"

Please try the following solutions:

  1. Re-login your Apple ID
  2. Turn on your iCloud and Game Center
  3. Log into your Apple ID on another iOS device to check if the cloud save feature works well
  4. Re-restart your device

If you need further assistance, please contact us at or PM us on Facebook ("Soul Knight") or Twitter ("ChillyRoom"). Quick Guide to iOS Cloud Save

1.Go to Setting - iCloud - turn on iCloud Backup and iCloud Drive, and enable Soul Knight for using iCloud

2.Log into Game Centre

3.Tap on cloud save button

4.Compare your cloud save and local save. To retrieve your progress from the cloud, tap on Retrieve Progress. To upload your progress to the cloud, tap on Upload Progress.

5.Now your cloud save and local save should be exactly the same and your progress is retrieved from cloud/uploaded to the cloud.

Important Notice: Uploading or downloading your progress will overwrite your previous copy of the progress. Overwritten progress can't be recovered.