About ChillyRoom

ChillyRoom is based in Shenzhen, China.

We are a team of talented, creative indie developers. Known for our roguelike dungeon crawlers such as Soul Knight and Otherworld Legends, we are continuously developing games in different genres with a single purpose – to bring fun and joy.

A cat siting in the recreation room of ChillyRoom’s office

ChillyRoom is a pet-friendly workplace with 4 cat co-workers and 1 woof buddy. We believe their presence provides our team with vital emotional support and foster stronger connections among colleagues.

Our Mission

Continuously build interesting games. Discover and support more creative talents from the Chinese game industry.

A team of high school students and college freshmen are working on a game named “Touch & Stick” during the GameJam event hosted in ChillyRoom’s office

ChillyRoom has been one of the organizers of Global GameJam (Shenzhen Site) since 2020. Many of our developers have been active jammers for years.

The Way We Work

We don’t set limits on what specific types of games to be developed. All our projects originate from ideas of individual developers who prototype their games with their own efforts, and then lead a small team to continue the development for release.

Since 2015, we’ve seen this process produce amazing results. We have around 20 projects in development that covers mobile, PC and console games across various genres.

Collaborative development: Developers sitting together in ChillyRoom’s office, listening to the showcase of each other’s game project

As different teams work on diverse projects in their unique ways, we believe in the power of knowledge exchange. Every other week, we come together for a showcase where each team presents the progress of their projects.

Highlights of Our Titles

Soul Knight

Vibrant key art for Soul Knight 2023 summer update, showcasing a stellar constellation theme. The artwork features 3 characters in constellation-inspired skins standing together, wielding unique weapons as they stand beneath a starry night sky

☆App Store Best Chinese Indie Game of 2017☆

☆indiePlay Best Mobile Game of 2017☆

☆TapTap Editor’s Choice☆

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Otherworld Legends

Key art for Otherworld Legends' 2023 summer update, showcasing the formidable final boss: Dahana-Gharo, a fiery goddess

☆TapTap Best Gameplay Nominee of 2020☆

☆indiePlay Best Mobile Game Nominee of 2019☆

☆MIDC (Mi Developer Conference) Best Indie Game of 2020☆

☆Tencent GWB Game Award Bronze Prize of 2020☆

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